The New Year resolutions you know you won't keep

Yes, I know. It's something we all do every year to amuse ourselves, hanging on to the vain hope that things will change one day. The new year resolutions. I  admire those who resolutely write them down or mentally think them through. But you've got to admit. There is something comical about the whole thing. Like these resolutions below. I bet one of these is already on your list and you are already seeing it fade away.

These are the resolutions that everyone makes, and no one keeps:
  • I will eat more healthy food/cut out the junk food. (Right after the new year celebrations, and Valentine's Day, and Easter etc)
  • I will exercise daily. (For one whole week that is. After which I will only become defensive of my watertight schedule)
  • I will save more/spend less. (Until the next big sale, that is)
  • I will spend more time on gardening/baking/writing/painting/other hobby. (There's so much prep involved that I'll wait a while...)
  • I will get a better job. (I hate my job but what if I get a worse boss? I need time to think)
  • I will quit drinking/smoking. (Not unless you don't wait for New Year to do it)

What I do wish is that people made resolutions more like these:
  • I will do one act of kindness everyday, to make the world a better place.
  • I will think of the environmental impact of my daily routine.
  • I will not drink and drive. Ever.
  • I will stop saying things that demean or wrongfully judge others.
  • I will be considerate of others in a public place.
Whatever your resolutions, all the best to you! Just remember, it's easier to keep a resolution if you are specific about it. Mine? I just want to keep blogging!

Happy 2013!

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