Vent! Vent! Vent!

So, there's a new website in this part of town called Secret Vent. Here, people can anonymously vent about what's bothering them. It doesn't say so, but this is a Dubai-based blog. I'm totally for this site  but some of these wouldn't even qualify as 'problems' back in Delhi!

Which makes me grateful for whatever time I have in this country. I don't have to worry about being killed over a car accident, or shot at randomly, or being kidnapped etc. I don't even have to worry about the electricity going out for hours, or there being no water in the taps, or having to suddenly pay an arm and leg for tomatoes because of a transport strike. Sure, the customer service is Dubai sucks but that's pittance for the comfort of living in peace.

And I know it's unfair to compare Dubai to Delhi, and I am hopeful we'll get there. My optimism keeps getting bogged down by the ever-increasing rate and intensity of the crimes there. There are no clear-cut solutions for the heinous crimes being committed against women, especially in North India. The real change will only come with a change in mindset, but with the way things are moving, my estimate is that it will take at least 15-20 years for that to happen. I hope our kids have a safer environment to live in.
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