Toddler Tales (2): Power Struggle

Lately, everything is a battle with Little Dude. It takes an enormous amount of effort to get him to take a bath, eat and get his diaper cha...


'Sand In My Toes' has a new home!

When I renamed my blog to 'Sand In My Toes', it didn't occur to me to check whether this domain name was available. My sole pu...


The dynamics of 'going out'

It's funny how the most routine things become complicated post motherhood. Earlier, there were three simple steps to going out: Step 1...


Toddler Tales (1): Dumb Charades

Little Dude is at that stage where he can understand every word I say, but can't verbalize his thoughts yet. It must be pretty frustrati...


Eight beautiful quotes from Dad bloggers

I admire the Dads who are contributing to all things parenting on the web. Wherever you come from, there is no denying that fathers are beco...


Neat memories or a neat house? Your pick!

Like sleep, a clean house is something you'll probably not get for a looong time once you have kids. It's funny how our definition o...


The new mom's guide to looking good

I am so tired of seeing celebrities getting back in the limelight after having a baby, looking wafer-thin and unscathed. That's just not...


Ode to the Cupcake

I am sure any dessert lover like me will agree that whoever invented the cupcake was a genius . I mean, you can imagine what it would be lik...

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