Eight beautiful quotes from Dad bloggers

I admire the Dads who are contributing to all things parenting on the web. Wherever you come from, there is no denying that fathers are becoming more and more involved in parental duties, whether for a diaper change, late night feed or just some cuddle time.

While moms definitely dominate the parenting blogs category, the Rad Dads out there are doing a great job writing about their own side of the coin. Here, I share some of the recent quotes I've read from Dad bloggers which just prove that parenting highs and lows are not for the moms alone:

"I have never felt more vulnerable and mortal than I do now, having produced a son. He is my spinach and my kryptonite. My shield and my open wound. He is my everlasting life. To learn that I’m mortal, that’s my fatal flaw."
- Charlie Capen in this post on writes about how he views his own mortality now that he has a child to care for.

"We need to teach kids that choosing to be good is a mark of strength; that choosing to forgive, love and to get along is higher than fighting, hating and harming; that there will also be many times in their lives that they will need to forgive even themselves; that they need to play with the cards that they’re dealt with; that not everything they hear and see is good and worth following. Why? Because as they grow up, they will be bombarded by views opposite to this. As they grow old, the urge to let go of these things will be intense and your role as gatekeeper and teacher will fade over the years."
- Herbert Paul Guillem, in this post on Playground Dad, about the importance of teaching kids to value life.

"Who gave him permission to grow up so fast? It certainly wasn't me. I usually indulge the Missus with a sympathetic shoulder and assurance that "he's still little" when she is sad about the Boy growing up. This time I need the indulging."
- Justin Knight in this post on Writing Pad Dad on his son's sixth birthday. The boy fought against all odds when he was born prematurely.

"I don’t get people who lobby against public breast feeding because, if you do, you’re lobbying for denying a baby its food. And I’m pretty sure it’d be hard to rally people to the cause of starving a baby. So, just stop it, you baby haters. Nobody likes you."
- David Vienna, father of twin boys, in this quote at The Daddy Complex.

"She sees me cooking, and when she pretends to prepare us a meal, I beam with pride. Not because a woman belongs in the kitchen, but because she's acquiring a love of cooking from me, a boy who got his love of cooking from his mom. I want her to believe she can do anything she wants, do it well, and do it just as well if not better than any other boy or girl."
- Daddy Knows Less in this post on his blog about his experiences in parenting. He's dad to a 10-year old girl.

"I don’t care whether you’re fighting addiction, have crappy financial management skills or just need to “grow up”, this baby gives you an excuse to become a better person. It’s like a reset button in life. Focus on the future and on something other than yourself and you’ll be amazed at what’s possible. I have friends and family members who struggled with all sorts of demons. Their decisions to embrace fatherhood and become good dads have made all of the difference in their life."
- Hugh Weber in this post about what he wishes he'd known about becoming a dad, in his website, Dude to Dad.

"Being such an integral part of my son’s life for the last year was an incredible way to put into perspective what being a father is all about, and the importance of being a good teammate with your spouse. I’m not knocking the working fathers – usually, I am one – but being home allowed me to see things and affect things from a different angle, and I appreciate the opportunity to do so."
-  Zach Rosenberg in this post about his year as a stay-at-home at 8 Bit Dad.

"Winning is good. Losing sucks. But losing gives us the opportunity to reinforce some really important things: self-confidence, resilience, perspective, and will power. By removing loss from the equation, we end up raising a generation of kids who cannot deal with things not going their way, and that leads to things like reality shows."
- BusyDad in this post about teaching kids about winning and losing, at The Busy Dad Blog.

Thank you, dad bloggers, for sharing your thoughts with the world. And thank you too, dads who don't write but do everything they can for their families, including my husband who has been a great partner in my parenting journey and has steadfastly supported my parenting choices.
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Mr. Diabetes said...

Nice Compilation. Beautiful. They might have a deeper meaning 4 me once I'll be a father, but for now, they are just beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Great post! Thanks so much for including me! :)

Justin- Writing Pad Dad
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