'Sand In My Toes' has a new home!

When I renamed my blog to 'Sand In My Toes', it didn't occur to me to check whether this domain name was available. My sole purpose was to write and fast, before I got lazy! So, I was disappointed when the dot com domain was taken (but you can go there to buy swimwear). What got me excited however, was that there is a dot tk domain available. That's how I've been signing off my posts and interacting on the social media sites, so this was perfect! There you have it - my blog's new address is:

Since I have configured this site recently, it may take a little longer to load. That's just a temporary glitch.

A note for Dubai visitors: You may be directed to a page in Arabic if you come from my blog's original page. It's just asking whether you want to be redirected to the new page. Just click on the box on the right for a 'Yes'.

I also request readers to let me know if they encounter any problems or errors surfing the new site. If you have a little yellow bucket image (favicon) in the address bar, you're in the right place!

P.S. Vacation time: I am going on vacation in a few days but, all things working, will be posting regularly. There will be posts with a local flavour too, from New Delhi, India!

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