Toddler Tales (2): Power Struggle

Lately, everything is a battle with Little Dude. It takes an enormous amount of effort to get him to take a bath, eat and get his diaper changed. He will not sit in his stroller. He will not sit in his car seat. He will not sit. And he doesn't even say "No" yet! I was getting really worried before I read on my BabyCenter bulletin that the 15 month mark is a major developmental milestone. This is around the time kids realise that they are independent human beings and that they have free will. And they will exercise that free will until we just give in. Many parents would prefer beginning the discipline lessons right about now, teaching them what is acceptable and what not. I think I'll just let him grasp the whole concept of being a separate person first. This is the first step, probably, to un-gluing himself from me and it's about time! For now, the power struggles continue, and I'm just letting him win!

(Toddler Tales is a new category of posts that I am writing as snippets, about what I'm learning every day from my little one. Here's the previous one.)
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