How well do you know your kids?

The other day, my mom made an offhand remark to someone that I never liked babies as a kid. This was a bit appalling for me because, as far ...


Toddler Tales (4): First Steps

I am on vacation, hence been slow in posting. Apart from the fact that I don't have enough time and resources to write, ideas have been ...


How I became 'that' kind of parent

It's very easy to attach labels to different parenting 'styles' - crunchy mom, hockey mom, green mom, tiger mom and so on... The...


Toddler Tales (3): Family Values

Being an expatriate means there's the annual ritual of a vacation back home. We're on Little Dude's second trip to meet the exte...


I received a Liebster Award!

Thank you Tracy of Whispers from a Working Mom for bestowing the Liebster Award on 'Sand In My Toes'! This is pretty exciting an...


Street food from New Delhi: 'Chaat'

I'm home for a month in New Delhi and one of the things I miss most about this place is the food, especially the street food. The ' ...


8 things to do in Dubai now that DSF is over

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is over and I always get the same feeling every time - like guests who've been staying over have left...

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