Flashback: The first birthday

When I revived this blog (after two years, no less!), we had already celebrated Little Dude's first birthday and it didn't occur to ...


A mountain retreat in Al Ain

Since becoming a parent, I have always approached leaving home with trepidation . Being a Dubai expat, our only vacation is going 'home&...


Toddler Tales (8): Screen Magic

Last week or so, Little Dude discovered that a laptop can do magical things. It can play fun nursery rhymes and songs on demand. Not like th...


It never gets easier, only better

It's a special day for us today as Little Dude turns 18 months old. I have been thinking a lot about how things change as your baby grow...


Touring Dubai on a budget

Dubai is a beautiful city to travel to, but it can come off as expensive, especially if you're travelling from a country which has a low...


Toddler Tales (7): Little Helper

Now, Little Dude has become pretty good at imitating actions. Especially ours, obviously. So, he'll try to drive a car like his dad or c...


Where are my shopping soirees?

Back when we were single and unencumbered (you know what I mean, right?), we so looked forward to what we endearingly called our shopping ...

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