Flashback: The first birthday

When I revived this blog (after two years, no less!), we had already celebrated Little Dude's first birthday and it didn't occur to me to write a post about it then. In retrospect, I think it's something I would like to share. I have also been prompted to do so by a fellow blogger Swapna, who authors the excellent blog - The Mom Views.

The first birthday is obviously special for every parent (he actually turned 18 months old recently), especially because you hope that the sleep deprivation will be a thing of the past from then on (wrong!). We wanted Little Dude's first birthday celebrated with both sets of grandparents and our large extended family in India, but we couldn't plan it that way and we decided to celebrate with a small party at home instead, with the family and relatives we have here in Dubai. In a way, that worked out fine, because a one year old has no understanding of a 'birthday bash' and in familiar surroundings, is less likely to get worked up.

I decided on a 'Planes, Trains & Cars' theme for his birthday. He liked planes and I thought it would be a cute theme. To make it special, I wanted to make as much of the party supplies by myself, as I could. It took me all of a month to search for designs online, get them printed (that was my husband's job) and cut and paste them. I used a lot of my Photoshop skills to personalize the printables I found online. So, here's how it went. I used the 'Transportation' themed free printable birthday banner from this website. It was a real hit and I even used the design to add my son's name.

Unfortunately, I don't have the best photographs because I got a bit busy with the party, so my apologies! The colours I chose for the theme were blue, red, yellow and green. That's what I used for the designs, the cutlery and the balloons. Here's what the birthday 'table' looked like:

The snacks were car-shaped chocolates, olives and cheese with a labneh dip, and fresh fruit with a berry yogurt dip (the main meal was take-out pizza). I used cupcake topper designs to make those little circular placards. The table mat was made by joining three cupcake topper design sheets. I designed the 'first year milestone' entirely by scratch! The birthday invite on the left-hand corner was placed in a toy car.

Next, came the goody bags in which I added a customised thank-you label, also modified from a printable design:

The pièce de résistance was the cake designed and made by Arlette Fonseca of Cake n' Cream in Dubai. She made me and the birthday boy very happy!

We didn't have room for a lot of games, but I downloaded some paper-plane designs and this target. The kids had fun making the planes and aiming them at this!

As I said, I couldn't capture all the little things I did and made. I know the little guy won't remember all this but it was a very special day for me, and I hope sometime in the future, he looks at the birthday photos and smiles!
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Cropped Stories said...

What a great theme for a little boy's first birthday! Love that cake; so adorable! I just wanted to say thanks so much for stoppin' by my blog and commenting on my Boston post ;o) Really appreciate it! Have an awesome Monday!

TK said...

Thanks for your lovely comments! Glad you stopped by :)

Swapna said...

Love it Tarana! So honored to have been mentioned in your blog. You are right kids have no memories of their first birthday but still you really did a lot to make it special for him. I especially love the dart/plane game. It is a great party activity for kids. :)

Harrovian Mama said...

What lovely memories! Life in Dubai sounds so exciting! We just celebrated my little guy's birthday this month and I just blogged about his 'hippo party'

You're right, first birthdays are more for the families but at least they will know when they grow up how much we loved them!

Emily Foran said...

what a super cake!!
I get so caught up in the day I forget to take pictures all the time. x

Tarana Khan said...

Emily, that almost happened to me!

Tori Wel said...

This is wonderful, how much effort did you go to? I remember doing the same for Grace and although she may not remember it, I certainly did :). Thank you for linking to Magic Moments xx

Tarana Khan said...

Yes, it was special for me and I did spend a lot of time making everything myself. Thank you for stopping by!

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