Toddler Tales (8): Screen Magic

Little Dude (pic: Tarana Khan)Last week or so, Little Dude discovered that a laptop can do magical things. It can play fun nursery rhymes and songs on demand. Not like the television, where nothing is really interesting except when 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' is on. It was none other than moi who introduced him to this wondrous device thinking he would find it fun to watch. Now, every time he sees the laptop, he wants to watch videos which is a little tiresome for me, not to mention a little unhealthy for him. I'm not against a little screen time because I can't entertain him all the time. But I also believe it's important to let kids show and discover their creativity. And that means staying away from things like the TV and laptop. I'm off to look for other things for him to do, something I'll post next time, perhaps?

(Toddler Tales are snippets of what I'm learning every day from my little one.)
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Vinma said...

Yes! You said it! Kevin, my little one who is 3 is all over our shared computer at home all the time and would not let us to use it if he can. It is a struggle to get his firm grasp out of our computer.. yeah, the things that we learn from them are sometimes amazing, Isn't it?

Tarana Khan said...

Hehe! We can't use the laptop in front of him either :)

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