Where are my shopping soirees?

Back when we were single and unencumbered (you know what I mean, right?), we so looked forward to what we endearingly called our shopping soirees or retail therapy or window shopping (wow, I almost forgot that term)! Back then, shopping was for fun. I was a lone shopper and didn't really need company to go shopping for hours on end.There was enough time to leisurely try on as much as I know where this is going right?

At first, I didn't even go out much with my baby. After I started going out, it was relatively easier until Little Dude started walking. Now, he runs away as soon as I put him down and then it's a marathon! For one thing, whenever I go out, I automatically head to the kids section because there's always something I want to buy from there. It's actually easier shopping in a kids store because it's safe to let them walk about. But grocery shopping is a different matter altogether. As soon as we enter the supermarket, it's a mad race to buy everything on the list before Little Dude gets bored of sitting in his stroller or the shopping trolley and nothing will pacify him except being let down. Then, it becomes a big challenge to run after him and shop at the same time! And when will these stores understand that it is not okay to put glass bottles on the bottom shelf? I mean, people with kids shop too!

Shopping for myself, obviously, comes last on my priority list and I often end up buying the wrong fit because I don't get time to try everything on. But I shouldn't really be complaining because I at least I get to shop for myself. And I know things will never be the same again, but....look! There's a cute t-shirt that'll look great on my boy!

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Resse said...

Shopping will NEVER be the same again. It's not fun being in the trial room with a toddler for company!

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