What exactly is your child learning from you?

I'm not an expert, but I do like to observe very closely. At the moment, what fascinates me is how my 19 month-old toddler is picking up...


Toddler Tales (10): Car Craze

Last time, I wrote about Little Dude's first words . Well, they're just pouring out now! He's picked up lots of new words, but o...


Come, join the Carnival of Weekend Wanderings!

***Submissions closed*** I learned about blog carnivals from Grace over at her fantastic blog - Sandier Pastures. So, I was thrilled w...


The guide to mom superpowers

We still don't have a race of people like the X-Men, but if someone comes close to being superhuman in the world as it is today, I would...


For the love of books...and blogs

This post is part of a blog hop at  Books make a difference . They are celebrating writing moms throughout the month of May. I'm glad th...


A mother's battle, and survival, against cancer

I am honoured to share with you a story of the hardest battle a mother can fight - against death itself. A story that is undoubtedly an insp...


10 things you never knew you could do in Dubai

I am happy to share with you all that my guest post has appeared on  A Momless Mom blog. Vinma is a full-time working mom of two, and that...


This mom has separation anxiety!

For many parents, separation anxiety is a big concern - you know, the behaviour which involves the child clinging on to you and refusing to ...


Five new terms for the social web

Reading an article on the BBC News website ( Why do tech neologisms make people angry? ) really opened my eyes to the importance of internet...


Toddler Tales (9): Words Out

Talking is another milestone that parents eagerly wait. We are far from that, but some words have started coming out of Little Dude. He star...

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