May 18, 2013

Bloggy Reads of the week (18.05.2013)

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Starting off this week with some inspirational stories...

An eight-year old girl has demonstrated more fortitude and kindness than many of us do. Read about how she helped in bringing a smile to the face of 56 labourers at Circles in the Sand.

When Angelina Jolie made her preventive breast cancer surgery public, one mom already knew what a tough decision that was, because she'd made the same decision four years ago. Her story is posted on her blog, The Mad House.

It's not easy for parents to deal with bullies. In Diary of a Desert Fox, this mom writes about how her toddler figured out how to handle a bully by himself! Interesting read.

It's a long list, but all true I swear! Read the 50 laws of mommyhood at Sipping Lemonade. Yes, I read all of them - they're that good!

One of my favourite blogs, Toddler Approved, has a fantastic set of tips to help toddlers play independently. Because sometimes, you really need to get the housework done!

Lastly for this week, this open letter to parents about the safety of their children resounds deeply with me, as it would with any parent. Beautiful piece at Playground Dad.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Glad to be part of this. Thank you Tarana! xx

  2. Thank you for featuring me. I thought long and hard about whether to post my story again. I am so glad it has been well received

    1. Jen, it was definitely worth it!


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