Five new terms for the social web

Reading an article on the BBC News website (Why do tech neologisms make people angry?) really opened my eyes to the importance of internet slang in developing the English language. You see, I am one of 'those' people who inwardly cringe at any attempt to modify language with easy abbreviations (an old example here). But, thankfully, I've accepted that language is not a set of rules written in stone. It changes and we have to change with it, embracing everything new (well mostly - 'tweeps' still makes me cringe!).

Since, the social networking and blogging part of the internet is where I thrive, I thought of making my own contribution to the online lexicon. At least, these terms are indicators of the trends I see on the social web.

Parentainment: As evidenced by the many parenting journals online, parenting is no walk in the park. So, some ingenious writers have decided to look on the bright side and make all those sleepless nights and tantrums seem 'funny'. I mean, if we don't laugh at these things, we'll all go crazy, right? 'Parentainment' is about entertaining others with your parenting hits and misses. Classic examples are Crappy Pictures and, and there's so many more. Always a treat to read and laugh along!

Blooks: I am so glad the printed word still packs a punch! Which is why, many bloggers choose to publish their writing in the form of books or let's call them 'blooks'. I really hope this trend catches on, because the book publishing industry needs all the encouragement it can get, and I'd love to have a piece of my favourite blog on my bookshelf (I posted about a link about blog-based books here).

Pinstressed: This really doesn't need explanation, does it? Yes, I've never heard of a soul of didn't come out of Pinterest all puffy-eyed and lost (here's what I mean). While it's a great resource (and I finally joined the club), this place can give your self-esteem a nose dive! I mean, there's so much to worry about what I am 'not' doing. But it's also a great place of ideas, just proceed with caution.

Foodagram: Sometimes, I feel Instagram was created just for food pics (and I have not yet joined this hashtag party)! It doesn't occur to me to click a pic of what I'm about a eat but signing up for an Instagram account automatically gives you this ability. Apart from making others salivate, that is.

Cam-posting: There are some great photo-based blogs out there (who can forget this one?!). Cameras have already started coming with social networking features and very soon, bloggers will be able to take a photo and instantly blog about it. Now, that would be so convenient.

Tell me what you think. Are these trends going to last?

(Pic: RIA Novosti archive, image #988824 / Alexey Malgavko / CC-BY-SA 3.0 [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)
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