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This post is part of a blog hop at Books make a difference. They are celebrating writing moms throughout the month of May. I'm glad that such a blog actually exists because I love reading and I love writing!

I've loved books all my life. I remember when I used to visit a friend's house to play, my eye would always go to the vast library there, and my thoughts would only be occupied with reading rather than playing. Whenever I got a chance, I scoured my school library for interesting books and I've read books ranging from astronomy to psychology to public speaking. Later on, I developed an undying respect for William Dalrymple, Micheal Chricton, Orhan Pamuk and Khaled Hosseini. Chick-lit is what I would pick up once in a while to make me laugh (thank you, Sophie Kinsella!).

Needless to say, all this was before I had a baby. I did manage to reignite my love affair with books for a brief period when Little Dude was a baby, but that didn't last as he turned into a toddler! At least I've managed to get him to like books and they are part of his daily routine now.

That's around when blogging returned to my life. I had only enough time to do a little bit of writing and a little bit of reading. That's what I love about blogging - it combines my passion for writing and reading! I'm still not ready to commit to a whole book, and blogging is what has made me feel empowered as a stay-at-home mom. I can connect to a mother anywhere in the world and tell her I feel exactly like her! That's another good thing about blogs - you can strike up a conversation with the author! I think parenting blogs are especially popular because we can all nod our head in agreement, laugh about it, and call it a day!

I haven't given up on books mind you, but I am waiting for a time when I can do it without worrying for 30 minutes flat...

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Michelle Thomas said...

I totally agree!!! I love reading, and haven't been doing as much of that as I would like, but it's hard when you barely have time to pee alone, let alone READ! But, my kids too, have a HUGE love of reading, which I am so glad. At least some of us can have some quiet reading time! :) Stopping by

[email protected] said...

Hi TK,
Thanks for taking part in the May bloghop. I think you have hit on a major theme for blogging moms. Bloggings gives moms a chance to read-pause-read-pause-write-pause-read-write-pause so that life as a mom can have the space it needs.

Thanks for blogging and thanks for being a part of the Books Make a Difference conversation.

TK said...

Thank you for stopping by! Just waiting for the little one to grow up a doesn't help that I'm addicted to blogging!

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