The guide to mom superpowers

We still don't have a race of people like the X-Men, but if someone comes close to being superhuman in the world as it is today, I would nominate the mother. Not only is the mom endowed with extrasensory abilities in anticipating the needs of her infant, she suddenly acquires indefatigable energy.

I realized this when I look back at when Little Dude was a newborn. I was someone who needed those eight hours of sleep to function, let alone look after a baby, but here I was, surviving on four (or three?) hours of sleep and doing everything possible to make him well-fed and comfortable. I also forgot that I was recovering from a major surgery, yet nothing came in the way of my baby's needs. Yes, looking back, I do feel like I was someone  with more superpowers than myself.

That's why I feel that moms are given some secret superpowers that help them function on two feet, all the while keeping their brains from exploding!

A few superpowers that moms secretly have!

Here's my list of some of a mom's superpowers:

Eagle Vision:

Like an eagle spotting its prey, a mom can scan the floor for potential choking and tripping hazards. I do this subconsciously, all the time, even when I am out. Because it just takes a second for the little guy to pick a random piece of junk from the floor and put it in his mouth. Why they do that must be one of science's greatest mysteries. Anyway, so my mind is always occupied with making wherever Little Dude is heading,a safe zone.

Anti-gravity Hold:

You haven't really changed a diaper until you've done it with the kid standing up (not talking about pull-ups here)! Or tried to change the clothes on a wriggling infant/toddler. I've also put shoes on at some impossible angles and tried to hold him in my arms when he's using every ounce of energy to get out of them.

Food Materializer: 

This is a superpower every mom somehow has. Kids have to be fed. And they are always hungry. So, this is used to create snacks out of mere air (or whatever's in the cupboard/fridge). It doesn't matter if they've just eaten.You can bet they're going to ask for a snack in ten minutes, and they'll be whining. My mom did this for us all the time. There was never any shortage of snacks and I always wondered how she came up with them.

Cry Detector: 

This is kind of official with a new study pointing at the physiological effects a baby's hunger cry has on a mother. But it doesn't stop at that and only at the baby stage. A mom knows when the cry is for hunger or sleep or just to drive you up the wall! This superpower applies to screams too.

Sleep Sensors:

At least in my case, I'm never fully asleep. Since I became a mom, one part of my brain is always awake and the slightest sound from Little Dude wakes me up or at least transfers me to a more alert state. Even if their baby isn't right next to them, I'm sure most mothers experience this heightened awareness while sleeping.

Tell me moms, what's your secret superpower?

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Unknown said...

Great post; I can relate to all of this especially the sleep sensors! It's amazing to me that my husband doesn't have these! Oh, and I'm also a pro at the stand up diaper change although I don't prefer it ;o) Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tarana Khan said...

Thanks and hope you have a good day too!

Unknown said...

This made me laugh. I can relate to every single one of these.

Also I would include being able to translate toddler speak ;)
I often get asked "what is she saying?" forgetting not everyone can understand toddler speak

Tarana Khan said...

That one makes so much sense! Not just words, but the gibberish can be translated too!

Anonymous said...

I think you've hit the major ones! I guess one would be the ability to clean, cook, change an outfit and pick up on a potential argument or phrase that sounds out of place when kids are on the other side of the house. Kids look surprised when you pop up behind them asking them to repeat it because they never saw you coming.

Tarana Khan said...

That's a superb one! Thanks for stopping by.

Unknown said...

I'd want ALL those superpowers, plus the ability to crawl into really tinny spaces when I have unearth my kid from some hole or tree they got stuck in. The worst? Those McDonald's playscapes.

Tarana Khan said...

Haha! Well said, Julie!

Anonymous said...

HA HA! I can't say I have any superpowers! I used to, though. Thought you might enjoy this:

I guess I do have the ability to smell a poopy diaper from a great distance...

Thank you so much for hooking up with us on the Humor Me Blog Hop! Please come back again next week!

Unknown said...

My superpower is the ability to change a hazmat diaper that has managed to be up Boo's next to her toes in under 2 minutes without getting the hazmat on anything (or anyone) else!

Tarana Khan said...

That's would really take superhuman skills! Kudos!

Terrye said...

Tarana, you nailed it! I, on occasion, have had to use one or more of those super powers. Now, if only it came with awesome benefits like free iced mochas! :)

Tarana Khan said...

If only! Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa Witherspoon said...

Love this and so very true. I swear a freight train to drive right through our bedroom in the middle of the night and my husband wouldn't even roll over. But, one of my kids coughs and I'm wide awake! Thanks for linking up again!

Tarana Khan said...

Haha, it would happen in our house too!

MamaRabia said...

I'm kinda sad I didn't figure this out until the last one was only in diapers at night, but I learned how to put diapers on him standing up. If I am sitting on the couch, I open the diaper and put it on my knee with the tabs closest to me. Then I pick up my son and sit him on my knee. Then I can quickly pull up the front and attach the tabs. It doesn't take long and he's happy because he doesn't have to lie down!

Tarana Khan said...

That's a nice trick! Luckily, we have graduated to pull-ups.

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