Bloggy Reads of the week (15.06.2013)

I was in a bit of a fix this week because there were so many fabulous posts and I didn't know which to pick out! So grab a cuppa and settle down for this week's Bloggy Reads...

Adrian at Dad or Alive talks about the Hollywood stereotype of 'Mr. Mom' thrust on dads in his situation. That old stereotype really needs to be put to rest now.

Now, this post at Mommy, For Real made me think really hard about my life before becoming a mother. And I'm sure it will fill you with nostalgia too!

It's very easy to dictate what a 'perfect parent' should be, but hard to become one. This guest post by RJ at Raising Wild Things talks about how we are all members of the Bad Parenting Club some time or the other.

If you're dealing with a toddler, here are some excellent tips. Read the Toddler Ten Commandments on APtly Said.

More tips, and here's one series you must follow this summer. Check out Get Ready for K Through Play at Mama Smiles.

Finally, here's something to make you smile. It's hard not to compare being a parent with being a superhero. Read the list at Let Me Start By Saying.

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the rocking dads out there!

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