June 6, 2013

Carnival of Weekend Wanderings, special edition

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I posted last week about hosting the Carnival of Weekend Wanderings and I got a fantastic response! This blog carnival is a fortnightly collection of posts about what the bloggers did over the weekend.

Here's what our bloggers have been up to:

Sheila reminisced about a desert safari on shoutingwind's corner. This is something you just have to do in Dubai. It's a shame I haven't ridden a camel in the dunes yet!

More reminiscing over at A Momless Mom. Vinma posted about her wonderful trip to Cuba, which seems like a destination that is a hidden treasure!

Vanessa Morgan visited a Redu, a 'book village' in Belgium. Going by the beautiful photos, it was an unforgettable day trip.

Closer to home, Nada had a great time at the Habtoor Grand Beach and Resort Spa in Dubai. Read her review at Undefined Declarations. This place looks perfect to spend a summer weekend. I'm bookmarking this link!

Dr. Reginia of Her Perfect Black Dress wrote a post especially for this carnival. Her review of Itlaianissimo, an authentic Italian restaurant in Abu Dhabi will have your mouth watering, guaranteed!

Another mouth-watering restaurant review was posted by Ishita on her blog, Ishita Unblogged. She shares her experience of a chef's table at award-winning Thai restaurant Thiptara.

MK writes about her busy weekend on MK Livin & Lovin. Those cupcakes she baked looked awesome! 

We're rounding up this week's edition with a post from the original host, Grace. On her blog, Sandier Pastures, she shares her joy as reunites with her brother after many years.

The next issue of this carnival will be published on June 20. You can keep track and submit your entries at the Blog Carnival website.


  1. great reads! enjoyed going through all of them!

  2. Great list! So many adventures. Loved reading them. Thanks for hosting :)


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