Ten reasons why I'll unfollow you on Twitter

I know that there won't be any major change in the time-space continuum if I do unfollow you, but this post is not just about me...and you. It's about all of us making our way in the social media jungle. And the rules are that nobody follows any rules! But etiquette is a different thing, and springs from common sense, but it's surprising how many people forget that!

So, here I am, sharing the lessons I've learnt from being in the Twitterverse (hope that term didn't make you unfollow me). And this doesn't include the usual spam, automated messages, profanity, shady profile pics and other mistakes that you are probably aware of.

Here's my list of reasons why you could lose followers faster than lemonade on a summer's day:
  1. You don't get into a conversation: You ask for advice/recommendations or anything else you could Google, and when I bother to answer, you just disappear! Or, I reply to you a couple of times, but you don't acknowledge it. Er, something wrong with you, mate, or haven't you seen the 'Connect' tab yet? I do understand that some people have a gazillion followers and they can be forgiven for forgetting to reply, but not if you only have a handful and you could not have missed seeing it. (Tip: if you don't know how to reply, either favorite or retweet it to show some courtesy.)
  2. You complain about lack of privacy: You're on Twitter, which is just about the most public of social platforms. It's okay if you want to have a private account, but if you don't, please stop complaining about people asking you 'personal' questions! Especially, if you're been over-sharing information about your 'personal' life! (Tip: remember that anything you share about yourself, especially photos, is visible to anyone who is online on Twitter.)
  3. You tweet in hashtags: I know this is a common peeve but I just had to list it. Please use hashtags wisely. Don't make it look like I have to decipher a code. The correct etiquette is to include not more than two hashtags in a tweet, but with the advent of Instagram, people have become more tolerant of them. Don't take advantage of that benevolence. (Tip: Read this guide to appropriate use of hashtags.)
  4. Your status is a link: No seriously, I'm on Twitter. If I wanted to go to Facebook, I would be there. So, what's with an incomplete status message that I have to go to another page to read? Maybe I just won't. Now, I can understand if some people link their FB accounts to Twitter so the updates go automatically. But then they come on Twitter and repeat the same status! And it's okay to do that with giveaways or competitions that cannot fit into a tweet, but then isn't it better if you structure your tweet so it isn't trailing off into nothingness?
  5. You use a follower service: Goes without saying that if someone suddenly and randomly starts retweeting and favoriting my stuff, something's fishy. Especially if the URL to your profile redirects to a follower acquiring service. Then, I don't just unfollow you, I block you. (Tip: Build your follower base gradually. That way you'll have more meaningful interaction with them.)
  6. You are like a broken record: You repeat too often. Like every hour. It just clogs up my timeline and even if I like what you are updating, I might be compelled to click the Unfollow button. (Tip: For bloggers, I suggest not sharing the same post more than 3-4 times a day).
  7. You Instagram everything: There are some people who believe that if something can be done, it should. Give me a break please and don't share a pic of every cup of coffee, muffin or cheese sandwich you ever ate. Or every shade of nail colour you own. 
  8. You tweet what you shouldn't: I follow you because you say you are a social media expert or something (more on that below) and then suddenly my timeline is filled with spam. Please be honest in your bio and try to give followers the kind of tweets they expect. Once I unfollowed a 'family guy' because the profanity was at intolerable levels.
  9. Call yourself an expert: Are people allowed to call themselves experts? I mean, it's cute when Sid the Science Kid does it, but please! Also, don't take the liberty of calling yourself 'awesome' or 'fabulous' and such. Let your readers or followers decide, eh? (Tip: If you really are a qualified expert, use your official designation instead, such as CMO etc.)
  10. You whine all the time: I know that social media is a great place to rant and vent. And it's alright to do that, because life keeps throwing these oddballs. But don't do it all the time! Don't have me praying that you'll have a better day so that I don't have to read your whiny tweets. Also, don't criticize your followers and try to keep the arguments reasonable. 
P.S: Since I've read what I wrote above, you can safely follow me on Twitter @sandinmytoesTK.

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Graceful Mom said...

I don't like to follow whiners too. Great post! I wrote about my 13 reasons I'll unfollow someone on Twitter too (way back in 2010) :)

Tarana Khan said...

Ha, looks like some things never change!

Heather Jones said...

I hate when people don't jump into conversation. I am friends with a lot of bloggers on twitter, and I too have my blog set up to auto update twitter. But sometimes I find all bloggers do is share links. I really really would love to read a tweet without a link in it. I'm definitely guilty of this though, because I'm a member of triberr, so I share people's posts because they share mine. But I'd also like to read a tweet where I can have a conversation with a person.

Thanks for writing this up. I agree with pretty much everything!

Stopping by from the Weekend Showcase!

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more. I can't handle when people feel the need to tweet every blog post they've written for the week. Last week someone who I eventually gave the boot to had 13 tweets in a row of links to blog posts.

-The Absolute Awesome Expert on children's TV shows :)

Tarana Khan said...

Twitter can be really tricky with regard to repetition. Oh, and I'm totally intrigued by your sign-off!

Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families said...

This is a great list. Thank you for sharing your pet peeves. ;) I try to interact with people who talk to me on social media after all that is what it is for to build relationships and to be social.

Tarana Khan said...

Glad you liked it!

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