Six baffling toddler behaviours

The more I think about it, the more I feel that toddlers live in a world of their own. A world which defies all logic and reasoning, at least to the rest of us. Sometimes, I am flabbergasted by some of Little Dude's actions. But I'm sure that every parent goes through these thoughts and then gives up!

Oh, I'm very rational! 
(Pic: Larali21/ Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0) 
In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some Secret Department for Research in Mystifying Toddler Behaviour somewhere (though it makes for a horrible acronym)! We are all aware that they do strange things, these little humans, but why do they do it? Go figure.

Here's my list of six baffling toddler behaviours:
Naked run: It is common enough and no toddler list is complete without this point. But aren't they just a bit too comfortable in their own skin? It gets funnier when they want to accessorize this look with shoes or hats! Or try to strip in the mall.

Eating off the ground: I think toddlers do have some understanding of what 'dirty' is and they also have a
sense of what is not normal. So why do they find everything on the floor so appetizing? Not just the food they throw on it, but the junk too. I've already written about what a hard job it is to stop them from doing this.

Getting stuck in strange places: You hear a funny sound and see your toddler stuck in a drawer or behind the TV cabinet. It really throws you off before you can even react, doesn't it? Normally cautious toddlers will think nothing of squeezing into nooks and crannies.

They're still figuring it out at the SDRMTB
(Pic: Zaiar/ Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Mouthing everything: See point two. I can't understand why, when they come upon something new, toddlers want to taste it? Is this their thought process: "Oh, here's a funny looking thingamajig. Maybe I'll just put it in my mouth to figure it out!"

Fickle desires: How can you like watermelon for two whole days in a row and then spit it out on the third? I'm sure most parents identify with this. Out toddler pals will absolutely love something - food, TV show, game, book - for a few days and hate the sight of it later.

Fighting bath and sleep time: Again, very common, but also the most illogical. What is there to hate about  a refreshing bath and a comfortable bed? I would take up that offer any time of the day!

I'll add a few that are not so common but Little Dude exhibits off and on:
- Playing anywhere except on the grass at the park
- Playing with anything except the new toys
- Standing on my feet when he can easily stand anywhere else
- Waiting for his dad to come home and then refusing to leave my side
- Putting toys in places where he can't reach and asking me to get them, again and again!

Do share your baffling toddler stories!

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Unknown said...

Couldn't agree with you more on these.

When Cameron runs around naked he thinks its really funny. Must admit it does make me laugh cause his bum wobbles.

Thank you for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop

Hope to see you again this weekend

Laura x x x

MaryAnne said...

Love this. My toddlers have been known to throw food on the floor JUST so they can eat it off the floor. Yuck! And the fickle desires bit is so true!

My kids also stand on my feet. It hurts! And a couple of them have been like your little guy, not liking grass.

Richa said...

All these are so true and funny....Mouthing everything one made me giggle! My little one also stands on my feet. Will surely compile my list of cranky stuff that he does!!

Tarana Khan said...

Haha, and baby bums are so cute!

Tarana Khan said...

Hi there! Our kids are so alike!

Tarana Khan said...

Yes, you must share yours!

Actually Mummy... said...

They're a bunch of crazy things aren't they? My youngest never wants to go to bed, but then he never wants to get up in the morning either!

LisaBrownDesign said...

I have a 2-year-old, and pretty much everything you mention has rung true for us at some point! Great post - and thanks for making me smile. :) (Stopping by from the Weekend Showcase:)

Bohemian Babushka said...

The most baffling thing about toddlers?? How quickly they enter Puberty ::shudder::. Enjoy this time while you can. Here from the MOHTH weekend hop; BB2U.

Tarana Khan said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Tarana Khan said...

I don't even want to think about that!

Heather Jones said...

Oh These are awesome ones! The naked run is the best!! When the diaper comes off, its like a dog free from a leash, but what is even more hilarious, is when my babe runs away, then I find him doing downward dog and touching his pee pee like its this amazing device he's never seen before. Its hilarious!

Tarana Khan said...

Haha, they do the funniest things!

Unknown said...

LOL! My 6 year old still does some of these, but when I catch him, he acts like he isn't doing anything and then escorts me out of his space.

Thank you for linking up with the Humor Me! Blog Hop!

Tarana Khan said...

Can't believe that about your six year old!

[email protected] said...

So we're not supposed to do naked runs after we're toddlers? Oops. ;)

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