A Day Like Today: Hidden wonders in small things

I am happy to share the second guest post in A Day Like Today! Vinma is a mom of two (read more about her below), who shares the story of a walk with her children, which leads to some surprising insights about life, innocence and the world around us.

It doesn't take too much to make my children happy. Kevin and Krista will have same kind of fun from the swing set in our backyard just as they would have from an adventurous day out in an amusement park. They do not have an expensive wish list for Santa at Christmas. 

It could be because they are still little and enjoy the innocence of the living world. Things are not complicated at this point.  For them, fun and being happy are the truths and rules of life. But I know that one day, all this will change and life will take a different turn. And I am sure that it will be for the better for it would be the proof that my kids are growing and blossoming into beautiful people as they should be with a will of their own. And I welcome it with all my heart.

But while they are little and still oblivious to the ways of the world, I get to enjoy their innocence and the simplicity, which only they can show me. I marvel sometimes at the way Kevin’s curiosity is piqued by an inconsequential thing such as a rock. 

One day when the weather was nice and a cool breeze was blowing, I decided to take my kids out for a stroll. Rather than walking, Kevin started jogging his way along. His little body seemed to buzz with so much energy and he bounced ahead of me while I took it slow with Krista in her stroller. 

Kevin suddenly stopped picked up something from the ground.

“What is it honey?” I called out. 

“Mommy! It is a rock”! 

“Oh, just drop it honey. You don’t want a rock. What is it for?” I intoned without matching my son’s enthusiasm. 

“NO, I want this rock... It looks so nice. I will take it home” 

As a matter of fact, I am aware of Kevin’s weakness for rocks. He has this huge collection of them which he treasures with his life. He won’t share it with anyone, not even his baby sister. Now, for some reason, it was my turn to get curious.

“Why do you like rocks so much?” I asked my three year old.

“Why?” He asked me as if I was dumb in the first place to ask it. 

“Because rocks are so good looking, smooth and strong, Mommy.”

“I can make a castle with all the rocks I have. I can play with it like a ball, cook some 
‘rock soup’ (well, that’s new) and I can do ‘all the things’ with it.. I like rocks…”

I was speechless! It was the first time I was getting a look at the rocks through my three year old’s eye. And I felt humbled. I realized how beautiful his world looked!

“Ummm..okay then, you can keep it”, I said to him and he beamed back.

And we continued our stroll underneath the evening sky. It was not just the ‘rocks’ that rearranged my perspectives on how to see my kids’ world that day. It was the whole idea of beauty that resides in the most inconspicuous things in life and the ability of an innocent mind to identify it so effortlessly.

Yes, I am going to embrace my children’s innocence as long as it lasts. As long as it can teach me the wonders hidden in the ‘small’ things of life.

On A Momless Mom, Vinma blogs about her kids and her life which she lived without a mom for as far as the memories go back. She chronicles incidents like this one, the deja vu she feels when she confronts herself in her kids, the abandonment that her mom left in her wake, and the joys of her own motherhood that very much outweighs the grief of what she never had. On the bright side, she is a gracious hostess for guest bloggers, promoter of awesome giveaways, and an excellent brand advocator. You can also find her on Twitter,  Facebook or Pinterest.

(A Day Like Today is a guest post series about sharing memories of special times spent with kids. Here's how you can contribute too.)

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Vinma said...

Thank you for the opportunity to guest post in your blog! So honored :)

Tarana Khan said...

It was a pleasure!

Debra Rutt said...

My boy loves collecting rocks to, but I've never asked him why. I guess I should, from your son's answers I'm sure I'll be in for some fun and interesting responses! fun post.

Unknown said...

That is so sweet! My son is a rock collector too (at 8 years old). I love how he uses his imagination with them. What a great glimpse at the world through a child's eye!

Unknown said...

Beautiful post :) Thank you so much for sharing this Vinma... it really is amazing how kids see the world!

Vinma said...

Thanks Christina! I think we, as parents are often times very fortunate for getting chances like this to take a peek at our child's world every once in a while. We will never know what we are in for! Thanks for reading!

Vinma said...

Yes, It is very interesting to see their world through their eyes..

Vinma said...

You are right, Debra! I am glad I asked about his reasons for rock collections that day because I would have never known this otherwise :)

Regan said...

My 13 year old son still likes to save rocks. My 2 year old is at the point where he just likes to throw them ;)

Vinma said...

And here I was thinking that Kevin's fascination for rocks is just a short phase and will last only a couple of more

Betseyloves studley & cherub pie said...

I love that nature is such a curiosity and playground for our sweet children. My lil stud marvels at huge trees are and touches the roots with such interest, makes me giggle bless him xx lovely post :)

Tarana Khan said...

That's true, children see the beauty in things that we often overlook. said...

It's the simple things in life that give us the most insight! Great post x

Vinma said...

Thanks for reading :)

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