July 6, 2013

Bloggy Reads of the week (6.07.2013)

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If you've given your child an iPad or are thinking of getting them one, you'll love this poem on the subject at A Mother Life!

Here's a thoughtful post at Littlee & Bean about how we are expected to conform to certain notions of motherhood, when in fact, the experience can differ so much from person to person.

Another thought-provoking post is this one at Mumof2, about how we often forget to receive gifts as graciously as we should.

If you have a fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at home, you're probably familiar with Toodles - Mickey's little helper! Head on to Martinis and Minivans to read one mom's thoughts about what Toodles could do for her!

This article on the Huffington Post has created quite a chatter with photos of 'realistic' Barbies. Taking that a step further is this post at Scary Mommy with Barbie's photos in real situations. Check it out!

Hope you're having a great weekend, especially those in the USA with their 4th of July celebrations!

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