Countdown to Two: Part 1

I can't believe Little Dude is 21 months old already! As we come closer to his second birthday, I realized that I haven't chronicled much about his first year because I wasn't active on this blog then. So, I am taking this opportunity to look back at the past two years and share the most special (and trying) moments with you.

Countdown to Two is a four-part series, which will be posted every month until my son's second birthday in October. This first part is about what happened from birth to six months.

Memorable Moments
  • That first smile (when he was over a month old) was absolutely magical. After that, I would take every opportunity to make him smile!
  • The first 'outing', which was to a mall on Christmas Day. 
  • He used to blow bubbles and go 'brrrr' to entertain himself, which was a delight to watch!
  • He would look at the ceiling fan and go to sleep!
  • He would excited at the sight of an airplane in the sky.
  • He loved going for walks but hated his pram at first!
Little Santa!

Biggest Challenges
  • Breastfeeding issues during the first ten days were very stressful, but we persevered and everything turned out fine.
  • My mom was with me in Dubai, she had to leave after ten days because of visa issues.
  • It was tough to eat, take a shower or basically do anything at all!
  • He didn't take naps for more than ten minutes at a time in the beginning, and even later, not more than 45 minutes.
  • He was a 'snacker' so that meant I was nursing him every hour for the first six months!
  • It was a huge challenge to go out because of the above reason ( I was too tired anyway!)
  • We had to take a flight back home which I was nervous about, but there were no major fallouts!

Lessons Learnt
  • Don't expect to do too much, especially in the first three months. 
  • Focus on the baby and don't worry about having a clean house or warm food!
  • Do go out, even if it is a ten minute walk (I later wrote this new moms guide).
  • You will hate your body for quite some time after delivery, but don't let it get you down.
  • There are never too many photos and videos you can take of your newborn.
  • Don't buy too many newborn-sized clothes.
  • Don't worry too much about the weight-height stats as long as your baby is happy.

What was the most memorable moment of your newborn?

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The Dose of Reality said...

This is a great post...I especially loved the what you have learned part...SO TRUE!! :)-Ashley

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you!

Coombe Mill said...

What a lovely post which gave me many flashbacks for my own children. Here's to the journey of Motherhood.


Really love this, took me right back to my beginning with my stud. I started blogging when he was 2 years old so may have to do a similar post :):)

Tarana Khan said...

Would love to read that!

Tarana Khan said...

Glad you liked it, thanks!

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