The truth about seasons in Dubai

I've been inspired to write this after reading a post about the seasons in Alaska on The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan, a blog I recently discovered and like! I thought it would be fun to write something similar because we are talking about such extreme climates here. Without further ado, I present to you seasons in Dubai as they really are.

Shopping Festival Rain: We start the year with the Dubai Shopping Festival, and the city is flooded with tourists. It rains shopping deals and you can't help but be caught in the downpour. Everything is awash with excitement, extravaganza and fun. You hardly notice what the weather is like, and even though it is pleasant, you wouldn't have noticed if it was searing hot. That makes it a season in it's own right. And once it's over, you're bound to have some withdrawal symptoms, but don't worry, there are lots of other things you can do. You're in Dubai, after all!

Whining Summer: The pace slows down a bit and then you start getting hot under the collar. There's no real rain relief in Dubai (though this year was an exception), and as soon as summer starts, it gets pretty hot and uncomfortable. If the heat doesn't get to you, the humidity definitely will. So, everyone (especially on Twitter) starts whining about how horrible the summer is and wish it would go away. That's a tall order for a country that has about ten months of summer! The temperature goes higher than 40 degrees C (over 100 F) and then we start getting very uncomfortable. We either stay cooped up in homes or in malls. The lucky ones go home for the school holidays. All this whining is actually baseless because what we're up for next is far worse...

Mind-numbing Summer: This is the time when you look out of the window and see blinding white light. There's no question of recreation outside home before 8 pm, and even then, you'll sweat. This is the time when parks and playgrounds are busier well after dark, and we shop our wallets off in a effort to forget the heat. It's not a pretty sight when the best of your makeup products fail you. The temperature? It can be pretty close to 50 degrees C (122 F).

Non-Summer: When the rest of the world is reveling in the 'winter', all we get is a respite from summer. We try to make the best of these two or three months by doing everything possible outside. Walking, running, swimming...It's bliss to not have to worry about melting away!

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