Toddler Tales (12): Surprise Package

Everyday brings with it new surprises for us because Little Dude is literally growing up every single day! There are new surprises in store for us as he says a new word (such as "bath tub"!) or does something he couldn't do before (he can squat on the ground now!) and pick up new skills (kicking the ball!). In fact, since he turned 18 months old, my boy has been a little surprise package. Every moment is special because I don't know what he will do next! I'm almost afraid to look away. He's learned how to climb the sofa, so there's an added worry for me. But I suspect somethings have happened so gradually that I didn't notice exactly when. He goes to sleep without a fuss, so there's a sign that he's not a 'baby' anymore (*sob*). He helps me dress him and put on his shoes. He understands everything we say, even when we are not talking to him. All these things point to the fact that Little Dude is becoming a 'big boy'!

(Toddler Tales are snippets of what I'm learning every day from my little one.)
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