Toddler Tales (13): One Ant

This is a short story about how a little ant helped my son to count! Little Dude can now count! Though he's had an understanding of numbers (and saying some) for a few months now, he's never demonstrated it clearly. But a few days he ago, he saw an ant crawling, pointed at it saying  'one' and then proceeded to lift his finger to show the number. It's a small thing and mom's are known to exaggerate their little one's abilities, but what I found special about this moment was that he can now distinguish between one and many. Now, he uses that one little finger to ask for 'one more' grape or a biscuit! He does describe other numbers by displaying more fingers, but now I know for sure that he's got the 'one' right! We are getting there, slowly but surely. Thank you, little ant!

P.S: He's also grasping the concepts of colors, fruits, food and of course, forms of transport. I don't think I need to worry as much about sending him to preschool!

(Toddler Tales are snippets of what I'm learning every day from my little one.)
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