Why toddlers are smarter than you think!

They may come in small packages, but they are definitely smart! If you have a toddler or have dealt with one, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Toddlers can surprise you with their ingenuity and you shouldn't be surprised. They are capable of processing more information than we will at any time in our lives.

Six ways in which toddlers are smarter than you think!

Six ways in which toddlers can out-brain you!

1. They know where everything goes, but won't clean up 

They always know where to find toys to scatter around, but when it's time to put them in their place, they'll feign ignorance. Somehow, they are wired to believe that the 'big people' should be doing all the cleaning up! Or maybe they just don't want to.

2. They use their cute face to get their way

They know how cute they are and they'll use it to get anything out of you. And you just can't say no to that epitome of cuteness combined with a squeaky 'Please!'. Little Dude just puts up his finger to ask for 'one more' and I find it very hard to deny him anything after that!

3. Their tantrums are well-timed

When the cuteness thing doesn't work, they have another weapon - tantrums! And they are timed so well that you'll do anything to make sure it's over. Most of these tantrums, you'll notice, happen outside home and around other people.

4. They know what annoys you

They know exactly what you'll tell them not to do and they use that information to get you to pay attention. How dare you ignore them for a second! Whether it is for using the 'wrong' word or jumping on the sofa, they know what will make you come running in their direction.

5. They know junk food from healthy food

That's why they always have room for fries after rejecting your home-cooked meal. And if you have to ask why they've been served fries, do you really have a toddler?

6. They understand technology faster than you

We have DVR and Little Dude knows he can see live TV shows 'again'. He even knows what an 'ad' is on YouTube! And yes, I let him watch that stuff sometimes because, hey, have you read my post about our mind-numbing summers? One thing is for sure, they'll understand technology faster than you, and even know how to use it to their advantage.

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