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Today's guest post in this series is from Cara (read more about her below).  I am honoured to be publishing her first guest post! In this beautiful account, she describes the first time her step-daughter met her son after his birth, and how their love and friendship has only become stronger with the years.

I've chosen to write a blast from the past, to bring up that happy, lovely fizz in my heart when I think of my children when they first met - the first day they realised they were family and the love they shared instantly. Jasper was born on July 29, 2010. It was a day we did not have my step-daughter Darcey, and after spending five days in hospital without a visit from her I was itching to get home so she could come stay and meet her baby brother. 

She had pondered at my growing tummy and hugged my bump goodnight, listening with her tiny toddler ears and telling me and her daddy that she could hear her brother hiccuping.  She loved to touch my belly when he moved and genuinely understood that a baby was to come out of my belly, but as an only child and a baby sister due on her mummy’s side of the family too, we had no idea how our quiet, spoilt-with-attention little girl would deal with a new addition to our family. I didn't have any concerns or worries.

She is a beautiful child, so happy and content with each day’s activities, whether big or small. She was so overwhelmingly excited when she knew there was a brother coming to her! She joined her daddy and I at my 20 week scan to meet her brother and marveled at the swimming blob-like features of his nose and big lips on the screen and decided his name would be ‘podge podge’, more of a reference to my big belly really! 
The day she finally set eyes on him was just incredible. I was sitting on the sofa, able to see out of the window at her excited, angel eyes coming up the footpath to our door. I had tears falling down my face already as she silently came into the room to greet Jasper. She was so mature and so 'big sister' like. She had confidence in her touch with him, she spoke to him so sweetly and she was just desperate to hold him. Each photo I took of them that weekend was of her kissing him, cradling his head or just touching him in any way possible. She was smitten and in love and the way his heart beat and snores came so peacefully when she was around made me affirm that they shared an immense love. 

There was no sign of jealousy, no unhappiness and no tears of sadness or anger. She was so interested in helping collect a clean nappy for him or gently placing a blanket on him and surrounding his feet in his rocker with her teddys to share. They began the most beautiful friendship that very day and I can proudly say they are still the best of friends. They don’t get to see each other every day like we would wish and I’m sure they’d hope for too, but they have the most inspiring love, the funniest conversations and the sweetest hugs. My photo collection is full of tear-jerkers of the happiest smiles from my Jasper and Darcey, my little happy heartbeats.

Cara Greenfield blogs at betseyloves studley and cherubpie, a name based on her children’s nicknames. She lives in the South of England - Worthing to be exact, near Brighton! Cara is mummy to three year old Jasper and step mummy to five year old Darcey. Her partner Gary is her wonderful love story :) She loves blogging, sweets, cloudy lemonade and everything floral and shabby chic! You can follow her on Twitter.

(A Day Like Today is a guest post series about sharing memories of special times spent with kids. Here's how you can contribute too.)

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Terri S. Vanech said...

Sweet, adorable post!

Unknown said...

I was about the same age as your daughter when my brother was born. I remember that I could not have been more proud! Thank you for bringing back that memory! And the pictures are incredible, especially the smile!

Betseyloves studley & cherub pie said...

Thank you so much for the honour xx and thank you for the lovely comments x

Unknown said...

Such a lovely post x such beautiful photos too! Makes me look forward to having another one, one day ;) xx

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