Toddler Tales (16): Linking Up

Most of my chronicles about Little Dude nowadays are about his language. That's because he's really interested in learning new words and repeats almost everything he hears! It's as if he likes to hear himself talk. His latest development has been linking two words. It's not an easy skill, if you think about it. Because he doesn't just say two random words, but related ones and in the right order. So, he can now describe things by saying 'blue balloon', or 'big car'. True, his repertoire of adjectives are limited to colours and the word 'big' but he's loving his newfound ability! At first, he struggled to say any two words together, so he used to repeat them until he got them right - he's a persistent fellow. Now, he says words like 'happy birthday' and has even figured out how to say 'Mamma bag' for instance. I guess this is the first step in the direction of using phrases and then , sentences. He uses his skills to communicate as well as he can, even though he takes time to articulate each word until he gets it right. It's a delight to watch him to talk the way he does. More interestingly, he even uses intonation. So, when he wants to say really big, he'll say something like 'biggaaaa...'! When he wants to say 'lots', he'll gesture with his hands. I love having him speak all day long, he keeps me good company!

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(Toddler Tales are snippets of what I'm learning every day from my little one.)
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Faiza said...

How old is your boy?

Actually Mummy... said...

Oh it really is the best phase - so cute! Thanks for linking up :)

Tarana Khan said...

He's 22 months now.

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you!

AtoZ Mummy said...

Awww this is such an adorable stage... lots more giggles to come!

Tarana Khan said...

Looking forward to that!

Cathie B said...

Oh this is so sweet. I loved this stage and it's always fun to try and interpret what they're saying. Popping over from #wotsofunee

Tarana Khan said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

I love reading your posts as having a little one with no words this is all new to me. It's great to hear how he is coming along and the process we all had to go through. The lack of speech is the hardest part as our house is so quiet.

Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you for your kind words. They'll all get there, and soon you'll be sharing your own stories! Thanks for stopping by.

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