Countdown to Two: Part 3

Just one month to go for Little Dude's second birthday, and I am excited! As soon as we get back from our holiday, I am going to immerse myself in planning his birthday party. I am led to believe that the second-year birthday is a giant leap - that final step from being a 'baby' to entering childhood. I am not very certain about that because Little Dude can be a handful at times! But I am hoping that he'll learn to be more independent in the next few months.

Countdown to Two is a four-part series, posted every month until his second birthday. The first part was about what happened from birth to six months, and the second part chronicled our journey from six months to a year. In this part, I am going to share my memories from 12 months to the present (23 months).

Memorable Moments
  • Clearly, the first that comes to mind is when he took his first steps. He was about 14 months old, and coincidentally, it was also the day he first wore shoes!
  • His first teeth started making an appearance only after his first birthday. Unfortunately, he had to deal with them coming two at a time.
  • He started gradually saying words. The first legible one was 'car'!
  • Going down the slide on his own at the playground (with teeny-tiny help from me!).
  • Helping me with things around the house.
  • Saying his name was a wonderful moment!
  • Graduating to pull-up diapers! So much easier.
  • Going out to play with his Dad, and saying 'bye' to me.

Biggest Challenges
  • The teething of course, disturbed his sleeping and eating patterns.
  • Lately, his sleep has been more disturbed and I can't quite figure out why. All I know is that I end up playing or reading a book in the middle of the night!
  • It's been difficult keeping up with his antics, which involve jumping off things.
  • Potty Training - will it ever happen? I just don't know!
  • Anger - who knew toddlers could get so angry so often? It uses every ounce of my patience to keep my cool through those episodes.

Lessons Learnt
  • Don't expect too much, too soon. Some toddlers focus on language, while others may show their physical skills. Every child is different. Teach them gently, and guide them through frustrations.
  • Frustrations are part and parcel of being a toddler. I don't think they should be reprimanded for them, but given more opportunities to communicate.
  • Not all toddlers will grow into independent beings by this stage - some take longer than others.  

What are your strategies for dealing with testing toddler times?!

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Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families said...

These are all great memories, enjoy your baby and I hope you have a great celebration.

Tarana Khan said...

They certainly are, thank you!

Louise said...

awh 2 year olds are so lovely, everything is new and exciting to them though it certainly keeps mum busy! Enjoy xx

Colette said...

What a lovely post! You're going to love looking back on this in years to come :) x

Tarana Khan said...

Yes it does! Thanks for stopping by.

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you!

Jaime Oliver said...

awww what a beautiful post, it made me smile recognising some of these milestones with Joshua

thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you, Jamie!

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