Goodbye, sippy cup!

The other day I was cleaning a kitchen drawer and I found Little Dude's first sippy cup. The little orange sippy also turned out to be the most sturdy of the dozens he has used, and destroyed! Logic told me to get rid of it, but my heart wouldn't let me. I got it when he was six months old and had just started solids. It made me think of how little he was and now here he is, sitting next to us at dinner! It also made me realize that he's stopped using a sippy cup recently. I don't know exactly when that happened, but he longer wants it. With just a month to go for his second birthday, I see there are lot of things he's outgrowing. Things that were special to him once, but will forever be special to me. Translation: There's going to be a lot of clutter in out house!

No more pics like these!
Here are some of the other things we are going to have to say goodbye to:

Highchair: He started gradually reducing the time he spent on it and now will not sit there at all. He'll have his food either sitting down or on our lap at the dinner table. I think he doesn't like anything that restrains him anymore and I am preoccupied with making sure he eats well to worry about where. He's also not using bibs at all, but that's kind of expected, knowing that toddlers don't like to wear anything more than necessary!

Diaper bag: I was kinda tired of having to haul around a diaper bag, but when he was younger it was only practical that I did. Now I can actually use my own bags and purses even though they contain diapers, wipes and Cheerios. But that's okay because I can shop for bags again! Also gone is the changing mat after he graduated to pull-up diapers. That's really made life easier.

The most used toy here!
Walker: To say that he loved his walking toy would be an understatement! Since Little Dude took his first steps, he used it all the time. I put it away because he was getting rough with it, but he'd still love to play with it if he could.

Stacking blocks: They were one of his first toys and now that he's mastered them, he cannot be bothered with sitting in one place to play. He's also done with the shape sorter toy I got him for his first birthday. Playtime now is more about the playground, kicking the ball and racing cars.

There's so much more he's slowly outgrowing, like his stroller which we use less often. Nothing makes our kids look older than seeing what they leave behind. Sigh!

What have your kids discarded that's still special to you?

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Kim Carberry said...

Aww it's so sad when they outgrow things...My girls are 6 & 11 they have outgrown everything baby related :(

Mummy of Two said...

It's so sad isn't it - they grow far too quickly. I have stacks of baby items and clothes in the loft that I can't bear to part with just yet!

Tarana Khan said...

Yes, especially when they don't wanted to be reminded that they were babies once!

Tarana Khan said...

Me too, even the most worn out baby clothes!

Faiza said...

I was exactly in the same situation as you last year, when all the baby items disappeared and filled with cars that he is obsessed with.

Faiza said...

actually, I meant replaced with cars. Btw, my son had the same high chair too. :)

Anonymous said...

I could have written that - except my 21 month old hasn't given up his sippy cup yet. He has given up the high chair, stacking blocks, walker etc too and I no longer use his nappy bag!
He also seems less interested in lego bricks (which used to be his favourite) and now its all about balls and cars, planes etc!

Shahnaz said...

They grow up so fast...its amazing watching them change and grow they move on so quickly x cute picture x

Tarana Khan said...

Same here, lots of cars and trucks around - but I love them!

Tarana Khan said...

Thanks for sharing that, it's amazing how fast they grow up!

Tarana Khan said...

Yes, they do! Thanks for stopping by.

Jaime Oliver said...

awww honey, i so know that feeling, we lost out nappy bag a few months ago and for a short while i really really missed it. not for the bag but for what it meant for my little man.

thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

Tarana Khan said...

I can understand the feeling, I still have my old one!

Unknown said...

I have to admit, I haven't thrown anything of Cameron's out. Its all stored away. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I feel like I don't have the right because it's his stuff. This means I now have a cluttered house, but that is the price I will pay.

Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

Laura x x x

Tarana Khan said...

I agree about the clutter! It's very difficult to throw away something connected with your child.

Shayna Murray said...

LOL I have a whole cupboard full of sippy cups that I can't bring myself to get rid of even though my little one is 3!

Tarana Khan said...

Haha, this is more common than I thought!

The Monko said...

Wait, don't do it! don't get rid of it all. My son has totally revisited stacking blocks aged 4 years old. We use the shapes from the shape sorter as building blocks too. Its true they go off them between 2 and 3 and a bit, but then they get into building in a different way and you'll wish you'd kept them in a cupboard so you don't have to fork out for them all over again. Also don't go rushing to ditch the diaper bag - when my son was potty training I needed to carry at least 5 pairs of unddies and two pairs of trousers for at least 6 months.
Thanks for linking up to the Sunday Parenting Party, I'm featuring your post this weekend.

Tarana Khan said...

Thanks for those tips! In fact, I haven't thrown anything out except for the sippy cups. I still have the toys and the diaper bag is being used to keep his books. I'm glad to hear that he may revisit them some time later. And thank you so much for choosing to feature me in the next edition!

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