A Day Like Today: Revisiting an old favourite

Today's guest post in this series has been shared by MaryAnne. Not only is she a qualified in music, education, foreign language and medicine, she uses her knowledge to help people in need through  therapy. Her blog, Mama Smiles, is a treasure trove of creativity, imagination and learning (read more about her below). In this post, MaryAnne writes about an afternoon when she visited a park she cherishes from her childhood, and what a memorable day it turned out to be!
There is something magical about reliving childhood moments through your children!This past summer was hectic. We sold a house, drove across the country, bought a condo, stayed with relatives until we could actually move into the condo, and are still in the process of unpacking boxes. We moved from a quiet rural neighborhood to the incredibly busyness of the middle of Silicon Valley.

Everything changed, and – while the changes are exciting – we have all gone through various phases of feeling stressed out by the move. It is easy to get caught up in the confusion of so much change, and an afternoon visit to a park I loved as a child was the perfect respite.

This park has changed very little since my own father was young. Bridges and the playground have been updated, and the ducks are now what my seven-year-old calls “roasted marshmallow” ducks instead of the mallard ducks of my childhood. But the path is the same, the pond is the same, and it is built around the same little hill.

My family moved a lot growing up – I was raised in five different countries on three continents – but every few years, we would come visit my grandparents, and for a few weeks my siblings and I would spend hour after hour in this park, racing boats in the stream, climbing the play structures, swinging, and feeding bits of bread to the ducks on the pond. The park was our respite, and this summer it became my children’s respite as well.

My husband Mike was only in town for a few days before heading back to Massachusetts to finish up a work project there, but he spent one afternoon with the kids and I in the park. Just as I had – and my father before me – my children raced twig boats in the stream and fed the ducks. My daughter delighted in being followed by a trail of ducks eager for a bite to eat! We sat on the grass under the cool shade of the trees, picked flowers, admired leaves, and talked. And I remembered what it felt like to be a child with seemingly endless hours in a day spent in nature. 

For me, this is one of the greatest gifts of parenting: reliving childhood with the added clarity of understanding a little bit more of life.

We stayed at my grandmother’s house that night. That evening, I tucked my four-year-old daughter into the same bed I slept in so many times when we visited there in the summers. And in that moment, life was perfect.

MaryAnne lives with her husband Mike and their four children in Silicon Valley, California. She is passionate about making the most of everyday parenting through creativity, learning, and play. You can follow MaryAnne’s blog at, and you can also find her on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.

(A Day Like Today is a guest post series about sharing memories of special times spent with kids. Here's how you can contribute to this series.)

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Unknown said...

Its awesome that kids get to share the same experiences as their parents.

Cameron goes to the same pre-school my OH went too and the icecream man is the same one from when I was little. There are so many other experiences but these two popped into my head first.

Thank you for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop

Laura x x x

Tarana Khan said...

It really is a wonderful experience to revisit an old childhood memory with your children. Thanks for stopping by, Laura!

MaryAnne said...

Thank you for having me as your guest for this wonderful series, Tarana!

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you, too!

Unknown said...

What a lovely post, revisiting childhood, the great anchor points. It's things like this that keep us grounded!

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