Holiday Notes: Stonehenge rocks!

On our recent holiday to the UK, one place I really didn't want to miss was Stongehenge. It was a two-hour travel by road both ways, and a restless toddler wasn't going to make it easy. But we went ahead with the day trip, hoping for the best! We were rewarded with a very beautiful and sunny day. It was a weekday so it wasn't too crowded. People say that it is just a 'bunch of rocks', but to me, this monument is as important as the Great Pyramid or the Taj Mahal - we don't call them a 'bunch of bricks', do we? Yes, it is not as beautiful but that doesn't make it any less amazing.

Going there was like going back in time. Listening to the audio commentary, I could visualize the tremendous work that went into it's construction. Obviously, whatever the purpose of Stongehenge was, it was important enough for so much manpower and effort to be devoted to it. That's what makes it so marvelous. What I liked best about the location that it is so untouched. We saw sheep grazing in the fields and apart from the highway, nothing about the place looked 21st century. The pagan theories associated with the site just make it even more mysterious and appealing. It's like being privy to something which is supposed to be hidden from our eyes. Which is why I was surprised that a new tourist complex is going to be built there - I am sure it was ruin the charm of the place.

Little Dude had fun running about in the greens and even attempted to listen to the audio commentary! He was cooperative that day despite the long road trip. If the weather is on your side, I think it's a wonderful place to take children of all ages. I think it's one of those places that they will find fascinating. I mean, Stongehenge makes history look cool!

Despite the lack of a proper structure in place (which, as I said, adds to it's ancient vibe), there were good facilities for the tourists. We spent an hour and a half there, which just flew by! If you like historical places, I would recommend a trip to Wiltshire for Stongehenge and if you have the time, an overnight trip to Bath and Windsor Castle as well - which I just couldn't manage this time. Looking back, I am going to count visiting Stongehenge as an experience I want to cherish. I want to say with a certain pride, "I've been there!".

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