Toddler Tales (19): Hands Off

I've heard that two year olds love the word 'No' and was kind of relieved that Little Dude doesn't even say this one, but now he's demonstrating his preference for saying 'Don't'. He does it complete with raising his  index finger - I don't even remember doing that so I don't know where he learned it from! Remember when I wrote about avoiding negative words with children? Well, this is proving to be very difficult with an curious toddler. I mean, how else do you phrase 'Don't lick the wall!' or 'Don't jump off the sofa!', really? It's interesting how he uses the word, though. When he doesn't want me to clean/brush his teeth, for instance, he'll say 'Don't wash' or 'Don't brush'. But his most funny use of it is when he says. 'Don't touch!'. He does, let's just say, value his personal space, so he doesn't like being patted by strangers. He even says it to other kids sometimes - I hope he gets over it soon!

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(Toddler Tales are snippets of what I'm learning every day from my little one.)
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