42 Reasons Why I Love Dubai!

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) celebrates 42 years of its formation on December 2. This country, especially the city of Dubai, has a special place in my heart. I grew up here, and have been currently living here for over three years (here's the whole story, if you're interested). As a tribute to the special day, I'm sharing 42 reasons why I love it here.

  1. Shopping, of course. The choices of brands and products are mind-boggling.
  2. The beautiful beaches where you can spend a good part of the day, just taking in the breeze and dipping in the cool waters.
  3. The lovely parks which seem almost endless in their greenery, are like therapy for the eyes, mind and body; not to mention great for kids.
  4. It's one of the safest cities in the world. I have never felt insecure, intimidated or threatened here.
  5. It's pedestrian-friendly, so walking out and about is easy. It's not as crowded as other big cities, so that makes it fun.
  6. The public transport is awesome - from the buses to the Metro, everything is clean and well-maintained.
  7. You can ski in real snow without leaving the country. Ski Dubai makes that possible.
  8. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is beautiful to look at. You can even look at the city 125 stories high!
  9. Sheikh Zayed Road looks stunning at night. It's the road which runs right through the city.
  10. I spent my childhood and went to school here, so there are many good memories!
  11. Finding Galaxy, Twix or Snickers is never a problem, thanks to Al Madina supermarkets at every corner. 
  12. Sharwarma. I could stay here forever just for it!
  13. When there's a sale in Dubai, you get real discounts, not just price off from a marked-up tag.
  14. Designer labels are cheaper than back home, because there's no import duty.
  15. There are fireworks for every occasion. 
  16. Schools and offices close early in Ramadan.
  17. Malls are open 24 hours during festivals. Not that I've visited one at 2 AM, but I like the idea of them being open all the time!
  18. There are baby changing and feeding facilities almost everywhere.
  19. You get to meet people from so many countries, it's amazing.
  20. Everything is centrally air-conditioned. 
  21. The water parks are fantastic to spend a summer's day in.
  22. You don't have to bribe anyone to get government work done, unlike in India.
  23. The winters are never too cold, and just right to enjoy the outdoors.
  24. You get to try out cuisines from around the world.
  25. You can go up in a hot air balloon or take a helicopter ride around the city. Awesome views guaranteed!
  26. You can have flavoured camel milk or eat camel milk chocolate. It's definitely a unique taste.
  27. Gold bars and cars can be won in prizes in almost every raffle draw, even at your local supermarket.
  28. Probably the only place where you get an LCD TV free with a mobile phone! 
  29. Little Dude was born here. Many special memories will always be attached to this place.
  30. There's a special section for women and children on the bus - haven't seen that anywhere else.
  31. You can ride the world's fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi).
  32. The highways are so good, it's a breeze driving long distance.
  33. The airport is inside the city so you can see planes take off right over your head. It's quite a sight!
  34. You can walk for hours in Dubai Mall and still not see all of it.
  35. Every international fast food, ice cream, coffee and bakery chain can be found here.
  36. You can buy dirt cheap shoes and bags from Dragon Mart. And they look good!
  37. The Metro drops you right into the big malls and even the airport.
  38. Dubai Duty Free is worth visiting every time you fly!
  39. There are some wonderful zoos, aquariums and wildlife parks to visit around the country.
  40. The Friday brunch in Dubai is legendary.
  41. You can follow the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, on Twitter

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Tas D said...

I love Dubai, I've only bed a handful of times but love that its got something for everyone. The first time was about 11 years ago and now everytime I go back I always compare the changes :)

Tarana Khan said...

It's a very dynamic city, so changes happen really fast!

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