Eight hidden blogging mistakes

This week, I had the honour of writing a guest post for +Cropped Stories. What I like about Elena's blog is that she writes on a wide range of topics - parenting, photography, blogging and cooking. In a first, I wrote this guest post about blogging tips. Based on what I've observed among bloggers, I compiled a list of mistakes that can easily go unnoticed, but once corrected, they can give your blog an edge! Included in my list is how to be on track about your Twitter shares, important information many bloggers forget to post, and what could go wrong with your About section. Head on there to read the post!
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Mary @over40andamumtoone said...

Really interesting post. I am certainly guilty of not using Google+ enough. I want to know how to get everything transferred from my personally named page to my blog page - if you have any ideas of how I do that, then I will definately use it more!

Tarana Khan said...

The problem with Google+ is that everything is focused around your profile. Pages really don't have that kind of visibility. For now, the best thing to do is to share only information you want to make public on your profile. I use it to only share mu blog content.

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