Toddler Tales (20): The Concealer

Living in our house nowadays is like being on a perpetual treasure hunt. That's because Little Dude has created a new hobby of hiding things wherever he can. Anything he lays his hands on can wind up under the sofa, behind the bed or in any of the cupboards or containers he can open. It's especially a challenge for me, because he loves hiding my stuff (with a preference for lip balms and gloss!). I think this is one of those universal things that only toddlers know why they are doing - I should add it to my list of baffling toddler behaviours! Now, I get pretty worked up when something is missing because, as my brain no longer functions with complete efficiency, I need to find things where they are supposed to be. But, of course, the little guy has other ideas and more of my time is spent finding 'lost treasure' than I'd like. Sometimes, it works to just ask him where he hid it, and if he's being nice, he'll tell. Did I mention that he's also worked out the garbage bin and I have to constantly stop him from throwing everything in it?!

(Toddler Tales are snippets of what I'm learning every day from my little one.)

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