SEO checklist before you publish a blog post

Search Engine Optimization is one of those things that you know is important for your blog, but appears too scary and complicated at first s...


Posts you liked the most in 2013!

It's almost 2014 (really?), and I decided to put together a list of the posts that were most read this year. Sand In My Toes will compl...


Snapshots of Christmas in Dubai

My earliest memory of Christmas is watching Disney's 'A Verry Merry Christmas' on a VHS tape (or maybe, it was Betamax)! As a ch...


Check out my interview on InterNations!

I'm happy to share that 'Sand In My Toes' has been featured in the Recommended Blog section of InterNations, a website I have ...


Murphy's Laws of Toddlers

If there was ever living proof of 'If anything can go wrong - it will', you don't have to look further than a toddler. They love...


I have a Blog Your Heart Out Award!

I would like to thank the lovely Sara of mumturnedmom  (and my recent guest blogger ), who nominated me for the Blog Your Heart Out Award ! ...


All this mom wants for Christmas...

Like last year , this holiday season I sit here, wishing for a Santa who would exclusively grant the wishes of tired mothers all over the wo...


Toddler Tales (22): Twinkle Twinkle

Little Dude's turning out to be quite a talker! He's very quick to learn new words, which also means that we have to be very caref...


A Day Like Today: Swimming at the lake

Today's guest blogger is Sara, of  mumturnedmom (read more about her below). Sara and her family moved from Scotland to the USA, and n...


Six lessons learnt from shopping with a toddler

There are so many activities rendered impossible when you are accompanied by a toddler, but I really didn't expect shopping to be one of...

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