The preschooling dilemma

Growing up, I always felt that school was very uninspiring and not challenging enough. My school years were fun, but the Indian curriculum w...


Toddler Tales (6): The Runaway

It's been a couple of months since Little Dude started walking and now all he wants to do is run...


Situation Vacant: Mother

It's Mother's Day in this part of the world and though I'm not a fan of commercial holid...


5 things I wish I had back from my childhood

Another year has gone by from my life today. On birthdays, I always end up reminiscing about my chil...


Life lessons I want my child to know

I came upon a question on one of my favourite websites, Quora , about what the the most dangerous trends in parenting are. Interestingly, m...


Toddler Tales (5): Bouncing Back

After a long vacation with his grandparents, Little Dude returned to Dubai with a flu. Poor baby had...


The curse of the mom-guilt

It's hard enough being a parent than having to deal with all the guilt that comes attached with ...

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