What exactly is your child learning from you?

I'm not an expert, but I do like to observe very closely. At the moment, what fascinates me is h...


Toddler Tales (10): Car Craze

Last time, I wrote about Little Dude's first words . Well, they're just pouring out now! He&...


Come, join the Carnival of Weekend Wanderings!

***Submissions closed*** I learned about blog carnivals from Grace over at her fantastic blog ...


The guide to mom superpowers

We still don't have a race of people like the X-Men, but if someone comes close to being superhu...


For the love of books...and blogs

This post is part of a blog hop at  Books make a difference . They are celebrating writing moms thro...


A mother's battle, and survival, against cancer

I am honoured to share with you a story of the hardest battle a mother can fight - against death its...


10 things you never knew you could do in Dubai

I am happy to share with you all that my guest post has appeared on  A Momless Mom blog. Vinma is ...


This mom has separation anxiety!

For many parents, separation anxiety is a big concern - you know, the behaviour which involves the c...


Five new terms for the social web

Reading an article on the BBC News website ( Why do tech neologisms make people angry? ) really open...


Toddler Tales (9): Words Out

Talking is another milestone that parents eagerly wait. We are far from that, but some words have st...

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