Parenting in a big, bad world

Child miners in Congo (Pic: Julien Harneis/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA-2.0) If I had a magic wan...


My interview on Expats Blog!

Today is definitely a high point for me as a blogger! My interview has been featured on Expats Blog, a community of over 1800 expatriate b...


Toddler Tales (16): Linking Up

Most of my chronicles about Little Dude nowadays are about his language. That's because he'...


The story of my trip to mom-jail!

It's bad enough to be accursed with constant guilt as a parent, but if there's one thing th...


A Day Like Today…When my children first met

Today's guest post in this series is from Cara (read more about her below).   I am honoured to...


Words my toddler doesn't understand...

Little Dude is doing well in picking up his language skills , to the point that he understands every...


World Culture for Kids: Dubai in focus

I"m pretty excited because I've had not one, but two guest posts published this week! The...


Countdown to Two: Part 2

Little Dude is 22 months old today, and here I am here with part 2 of Countdown to Two - a four-...


What does it take to be a stay-at-home parent?

Happy to share that a guest post of mine has been published on Baby Mama Blog . Sheila is the auth...


I have a Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you Teddy of Teddy Is MultitaskMomma for my Versatile Blogger Award! It's pretty exciti...


Toddler Tales (15): An Identity

The process of comprehending their identity is a long-drawn one in children. I think it has four sta...


What does your blog look like on mobile?

I don't need to throw any statistics here to show you the importance of mobile phone users acces...

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