My best parenting decisions

The most unexpected part of being a grownup is being questioned about the choices you make. We are free to make our own choices, but by doin...


Some beauty, lots of fun at Heritage Village, Manesar

We just returned from almost a month-long trip back home to India.  This time, we couldn't do much travelling within the country because...


Six things I value more as a mom

There's nothing that quite turns your world upside down than becoming a parent. I know that I am a different person that I was two yea...


Love is...smiling over a dirty diaper!

It's Valentine's Day, and Emily of My Petite Canard tagged me in a 'Love is..' series. For my post, I am going to write abo...


Fearing the worst, expecting the best

I remember the first time I felt fear as a parent. It was when I was home alone with Little Dude for the first time. I felt terrified of the...


A Day Like Today: Last of the British Summer Wine

Today's guest blogger is Kriss MacDonald of Wild About Here (read more about her below). Kriss is an interesting blogger, especially...


15 lessons from a year of blogging

I recently marked a year of blogging here at Sand In My Toes . This is actually my second stint as a blogger. The first time around, I blog...

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