Six things I value more as a mom

There's nothing that quite turns your world upside down than becoming a parent. I know that I am a different person that I was two years ago, when Little Dude came into my life. I don't think I could ever go back to being the Tarana I was before - career-oriented, impatient and a little self-centered! Motherhood has changed my perspective so much, and there are many things that I have come to value more now. Things that I didn't think about much earlier.

I'm guest posting today on Mum Turned Mom about six things that I appreciate more as a mom. The lovely Sara is doing a 'Cheerful' series this February to beat the blues that creep in this month! Check out my guest post, and link up your own cheerful ones!

Six things I value more as a mom

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http// said...

Will head on over now for a wee look

GJT said...

I'll say! I can't even remember the person I was before having children! Loved the guest post, commented there too! Just a heads up, though, your link is just a photo, so you may want to change it to the post url.

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you!

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you so much, Gina! I corrected the URL - doesn't help that I'm on vacation, so my mind is all over the place!

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