Busy Hands: Shapes Puzzle

Little Dude is now getting the hang of doing activities at home, and he won't forget to remind me that he wants to 'do something...


Why over-protective parenting isn't a bad thing...

I recently shared a video on my Facebook page . It was all about how things were different when we were growing up - we played without any s...


Busy Hands: Finger Painting

One of my goals this year was to do more activities with Little Dude. We've been doing many things to keep us busy, but I haven'...


10 essential items for Mom's Survival Kit

Big bags or purses aren't just a hot fashion accessory, they can mean the difference between survival and breakdown for some of us. If y...


The city of my childhood

I often get the feeling that the world we inhabit as children is very different from what we see as adults. I grew up in Sharjah , a lesser ...


Things I liked about the 90s

I completed high school in the year 2000, so the 90s for me was a decade of growing up pains, revelations, and fantastical dreams. I did go ...


Dos & Don'ts of parenting, by a toddler

Hi! My mom usually does the writing on this blog, and I see that she likes to talk a lot about parenting . It's all thanks to me, by the...


Toddler Tales (26): Let's Pretend!

The flowering of imagination is one of the best phases of growing up. Little Dude had already started showing interest in pretend play sin...


Motherhood changed me. Accept it.

Much has been written about the transformative experience that motherhood is. The change is both internal and external - from how we feel to...


Five Avoidable Blogging Mistakes

Even if you have been blogging for a reasonable amount of time, you can still end up making mistakes that are just staring your readers in t...

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