10 essential items for Mom's Survival Kit

Big bags or purses aren't just a hot fashion accessory, they can mean the difference between survival and breakdown for some of us. If you wonder what's in a mom's bag, you'll find things you won't believe we lug around! If you're a mom, your bag is your survival kit. It helps you get from point A to B with kids in tow. For moms with a mission, however big or small, I've put together a list of ten essential items that you must have in your bag a.k.a Survival Kit. Of course, you still need to carry diapers, a change of clothes, and band aids, but I'm listing a few things which may save you at the end of the day.

Ten essential items for Mom's Survival Kit
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1. Wipes (duh!) - Every mom knows that baby wipes are the most important item you must have in there. They are useful long after you have no diapers to change. In fact, I've forgotten that you can actually buy wipes other than baby wipes. They are great to use as a hand sanitiser, face cleaner, and whatever else the moment calls for.

2. Snacks - Not just any snacks. You need to have some tricks up your sleeve for the times when fruits or milkshakes get rejected, and you're in the middle of an important errand. Then, it's time to bring out the irresistible (and junk, don't kill me) stuff like candy and chocolates. Sometimes, it's enough to give you a breather for, like, fifteen whole minutes.

3. Apps - You see, moms don't carry around their tablets or smartphones to stay connected on Facebook (okay, maybe on Instagram), but to play that annoying nursery rhyme app in the waiting room. Thank God for all those developers who create apps for preschoolers.

4. Toys - Don't forget to leave home without your child's favourite stuffy or they'll make sure you regret it! It's a good idea to grab whatever their current favourite is, for the car ride. Because you know they'll ask for it as soon as you enter the highway.

5. Painkillers - For you, not the kids! I don't know about you, but my mind just stops functioning if I'm having a headache. And they just sneak up on me when it's the least convenient time. I never leave home without them, and I know it's kept me alive.

6. Wine - Yes, you read that right! I don't drink, but I've heard enough testimonies from other moms about it being a sanity saver, so why not carry a bit for when you most need it? A sip or two might help you make it through the day.

7. Plastic cutlery - Now, I'm actually being practical. Unless you're eating out in IKEA, it's surprisingly hard to find cutlery that's suitable for little hands. Plus, you know it's really clean, and they're used to it. I would ideally like to carry a plate too!

8. A scarf - This multi-purpose piece of clothing can help you when there's stain to hide, the sun to shade from, or even for pretend play! You'll find many uses for it, depending on what you have to deal with.

9. Plastic bags - You never know when there'll be an emergency diaper change, or a barfing accident. It's hard to find spare plastic bags at the right moment, so just carry them with you.

10. Restoration kit - This is for you, after you get out of the car with hair flying in all directions, flour on your face, and bad breath from too much coffee.Your kit can include an eye pencil, mascara, lip gloss and mint.

What would you add to this list? Share your wisdom!

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