Busy Hands: Shapes Puzzle

Little Dude is now getting the hang of doing activities at home, and he won't forget to remind me that he wants to 'do something' every day! Now with him, any activity that needs to be done has to be set up fast, because he wants to do everything himself. I also don't want him to lose interest, so whatever we do has to done quickly.

Today, I made him a simple paper puzzle by cutting out different shapes to form a 'scene'. I cut out the different elements for a house, car, tree, clouds and the sun. While I was doing the cutting, it took every ounce of Little Dude's patience to wait for it!

Next, I assembled the puzzle to show him what went where. Then, I undid the puzzle, and gave him the shapes grouped into the different elements. So, the house shapes were in one pile, and so on, to make it easier. He had a go, and didn't do too badly, with a little help from me. We undid it one more time, and this time, I used a glue stick on the shapes, so we had a picture to put up on the fridge! He enjoyed it immensely, and I would like to use card stock next time instead of paper, so that it's easier to handle and lay out.

Paper Shapes Puzzle DIYI think this activity is a great way to teach shapes, hone memory skills, and also sharpen fine motor skills (such as putting the oranges on the tree). The possibilities are endless, and I'm sure we'll be making many more puzzles in the future!

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