5 Reasons Why Dubai's A Wonderful Place for Kids

I've talked often about my love for the city I live in, Dubai. I am especially happy that Little Dude is growing up in this beautiful...


Toddler Tales (27): Big Boy

I knew that one day, Little Dude would protest being called a baby - but just not this soon! It started a couple of weeks ago, and he will...


An unexpected joy...

When Little Dude was born, I considered myself lucky in many ways. I was blessed with an angel. I felt fulfilled. And best of all, I could ...


Dos & Don'ts for Pinterest newbies

Most bloggers have Pinterest accounts, but even after ages of being on there, they don't see the kind of traffic they hear about from o...


Busy Hands: Window Painting

We stay in an apartment with a large glass balcony so I thought of putting it to good use, given that we can still step out without bein...


A Day Like Today: Closer to nature

Today's guest post is by Richa of Clouds-Rain-And-Sunshine (read more about her below). Richa is mom to a two-year old son, who live...


Busy Hands: Cardboard Bus

Lately, I find myself unable to throw anything away! I collect cardboard boxes, containers and bottle tops in the hope that we can use the...


Dubai's valley of flowers

Dubai Miracle Garden is just what it's name suggests - a paradise of flowers in the desert! We visited this place last year, but the all...


Five Tips for Efficient Blogging

Many of us bloggers reach a point where it becomes overwhelming to constantly keep up with social media, while simultaneously thinking of ne...


Busy Hands: Making a Windsock

One of the things I noticed recently was that Little Dude is curious about the wind. When he sees leaves or plastic bags moving in the win...


Our lives, one picture at a time...

I never understood what the big deal was about Instagram until I joined it recently . I wasn't inclined to join before because the idea ...


How To: Create a free custom email address

For bloggers who own their domain, it is a nice touch to have an email address which ends in your domain name. You can always continue using...

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