5 Reasons Why Dubai's A Wonderful Place for Kids

Chai A Cup of Life
I've talked often about my love for the city I live in, Dubai. I am especially happy that Little Dude is growing up in this beautiful city, and I'm making the most of our time here (alas, we are expats!) to show him everything it has to offer. And it does offer a lot - I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that Dubai is heaven for children. There is really so much on offer that the mind boggles - from skiing to riding Ferrari roller coasters, and running around on it's pristine beaches.

I'm featured today on expat blogger Amelia's blog, Chai, A Cup of Life. She's moved to Dubai recently and writes about life as an expat, along with tips and recipes for healthy living. My post is about five key reasons why you would be giving your children a lifetime of memories if you were raising them in Dubai. So, stop by there and say hi!

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Chai a Cup of Life said...

Excellent post Tarana. It was nice to have you! Also, agree with you - Dubai is a great place for kids and you have convinced me even more :-)

Chai a Cup of Life said...

oh, btw check your link- it went to another one of your posts!

Tarana Khan said...

It was a pleasure writing for you! Thanks for letting me know about the link :)

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