C is for...Car Wash

Little Dude loves playing with his cars, and water, so naturally, a car wash is an exciting activity for him! All I did was put some col...


Cooling off at Dreamland Aqua Park

As water parks go, there are numerous in Dubai and the rest of the country. They're enough to keep us busy throughout the hot summer, an...


15 questions your About page should answer

You only need to glance at your blog stats to see that your About section is one of your most visited pages. Anyone who visits your site n...


B is for...Bloom

Just as the scorching summer is beginning to descend on us here in Dubai, it was a bit of a relief to see these blooms on our visit to t...


Busy Hands: 'Sandy' Cloud Dough

I think cloud dough is a really interesting medium to play with. It's crumbly, but can also hold together to form shapes. The most basic...


A is for...Aqua Park

I don't think of myself as much of a photographer, but it's hard not to be one, because everything is so visual about our live...


Seven Tips for a Calmer Toddler

By nature, toddlers aren't calm creatures. They are excitable and bursting with emotion. Very often, these emotions turn into what are ...


Busy Hands: Cereal Box Ball Game

I keep collecting cereal boxes or pieces of paper lying around, and eventually, I think of something to do with them. With this cereal b...


The dinosaur at the mall

A good thing about staying in the city of Dubai is that we get to see some pretty amazing things. Almost everything here is record-breaking ...


The City on Sand: A first timer's thoughts on Dubai (Guest post)

Today, I'm featuring a guest post by fellow expat blogger Amelia of Chai a Cup of Life . She recently moved to Dubai, and it's alway...


Five tips for the Perfect Blog Graphic

If you are a blogger, you probably know by now that your images and graphics can make a world of difference to the reach that your content ...


Busy Hands: Contact Paper Apple Tree

The newest addition to my growing supply of craft material is contact paper. It's such a versatile medium use, and I'm already brimm...


Why moms need TV sports in their lives...

I'll be honest. I have absolutely no interest in sports. I never had the stamina to keep up with any kind of sporting activity in sc...

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