B is for...Bloom

Flowers at the park

Just as the scorching summer is beginning to descend on us here in Dubai, it was a bit of a relief to see these blooms on our visit to the park. This bush is usually green, and almost overnight, it was dotted with these little purple flowers (I had to really zoom in for this photo). It's wonderful to see flowers even in May because next month, it will be too hot to step out during the day!

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Anonymous said...

Awww they are pretty blooms. I am going to read about your blog a lot during summer. I want to know whats going on in there =) #alphabetphoto

City Coastal Life & Style said...

beautiful flowers, I can't imagine how hot it must be there but at least you see the sun, I hope we get a good one this year!

Unknown said...

I'm afraid of being stuck indoors all day! This summer will be an experience. Maybe you can give me some ideas of what to do during this summer!

Unknown said...

Wonderful blooms! I love zooming in to get that bit closer, always see so much more. Must be nice to make the most of the weather before it gets super hot. Sounds like there's still lots to do over there though. Dubai is definitely on my wish list! Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you! I'll keep posting on what we're up to.

Tarana Khan said...

It does get extremely hot, but I guess we're used to it! I hope you have a nice summer :)

Tarana Khan said...

Theres never a shortage of things to do in Dubai, but during the peak of summer, you'll have to stay indoors well past sunset. Maybe we can give each other ideas!

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you! They were really small flowers. As the weather gets hotter, we'll have to spend more time indoors, which is kind of sad!

Unknown said...

Beautiful, so lovely when things suddenly burst into colour :)
Oh gosh, sounds very hot over the there in the Summer! x

Tarana Khan said...

It does get very hot, so I try to make the most of spring while it lasts!

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